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  • Why Not to Hire an Intern for Social Media: An Interview with Dina Wasmer

    When it comes to crafting a strategic, successful social media campaign, Dina says you need to consider more than just finding someone to post some cool photos or funny quotes now and then. You need to understand how to leverage the key components of your company’s reputation — brand value, messaging, positioning, etc. — as much as or more than the...
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    The Impact of Technology: An Interview with Dina Wasmer

    From Alexa to Search Engine Marketing, technology is ever evolving and has made a profound change to nearly every aspect of everyday life, whether you’re running a business or running to the grocery store. Judy and Dina trade stories, and compare battle scars, about their experiences living in this hyper-connected...
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    Sill Learning After All These Years: An Interview with Dina Wasmer

    In this episode of “Driving With Judy,” we meet Dina Wasmer, president and CMO with Incite Creative, which has been building and boosting brands for businesses and organizations in a variety of industries since 1999. Dina shares some of the key traits to successfully running her own business — including having a thick...
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